Fall Yard Waste Recycling Options

The Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority (BCSWA) wishes to remind Berkeley County residents that various recycling options are available throughout the county for leaves, brush, garden waste and other organic waste. 

Free Drop Off: The South Berkeley Recycling Center and the Grapevine Road Recycling Center accept leaves, weeds, grass, garden waste and other vegetative material for recycling. These items are accepted for free. Each drop off center is open Tuesday - Saturday; 9am to 5pm. All organic material, except brush, can be mixed together. Brush must be separated from all other organic material, less than 10 feet long and less than 6 inches thick. There is a $10.00 cost sharing fee per pickup load of brush. Smaller loads are charged $1.00. Exact change is required. 

Curbside: Apple Valley Waste (AVW) offers a fee based curbside pickup of mixed yard waste and brush for recycling to their customers. These items are ultimately recycled at the Grapevine Road Recycling Center. AVW provides yard waste pickup as an extra service as yard waste is not included as part of your regular monthly service. Yard waste must be contained in a biodegradable paper bag or tied in bundles not to exceed three (3) inches in diameter, four (4) feet in length and 35 pounds in weight. Each bag or bundle must have one sticker affixed to it in a location visible from the curb. Items without stickers will not be collected. This program is not available to residents whom have trash service by the City of Martinsburg. To learn more about curbside pickup, contact AVW at 304-724-1834. 

Should you have more questions or comments about the Berkeley County Recycling Program, feel free to contact our office.